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Our schools

Founded in 1947, the first Françoise Morice school was dedicated to the training of professional beauty therapists in Cosmetic Beauty Therapy. It’s reputation is founded on the quality of the training delivered and the excellent results obtained proof of this reputation.

Training in cosmetic beauty therapy according to each individuals ambitions.

Accessible and effective, the training courses provided by the Françoise Morice schools are real advantages in the professional world. The training develops proficiency in beauty therapy, advising and retail closest to students aspirations, as well as to provide independent and operational graduates in the professional world.

Training adapted to each project.

In the heart of the oldest beauty therapy school, benefit from the renown and prestige of state-wide recognised diplomas, either in initial training, higher training or internship training courses :

  • Professional aptitude certificate (CAP) cosmetic and beauty therapy
  • Professional Baccalaureate (BP) beauty therapy cosmetics and perfumery
  • Superior technical professional degree Beauty therapy, cosmetics and perfumery (BTS MECP)
  • Professional Baccalaureate Beauty therapy
  • Superior technical professional degree  Customer relationship negociation - option Beauty therapy and perfumery. (BTS NRC)

Selected team of teaching staff

Motivated by students success, the multidisciplinary teaching staff possess top of the range equipment and premises adapted to this training. The student monitoring of each individual all along the training is an essential strong point in the teaching process of the Françoise Morice school.

Our schools overseas…

Serbia - Aesthetic and cosmetic institute ARTES

One of the most prestigious schools in Serbia, whose reputation extends to all Balkan countries.

Known for its reliability, the Artes Institute is recognized both by beauty professionals and the medical field.

A high-level education, with professional speakers (dermatologist, psychologist, chemist,...) who provide real added skills to beauticians.

A training program on two or three years depending on the chosen specialization (aesthetic or artistic makeup).

A partnership with the Applied Arts University in Belgrade and Novi Sad, the organization of conferences and seminars for professionals and beauty specialized publications illustrate ARTES institute ‘s plurality of knowledge.

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Japan - Osaka

Françoise Morice school is the first beauty therapist school created in Japan, in 1990. Set on one of the most prestigious avenues of Osaka.

The international vocation of Françoise Morice is illustrated in the training of students of all nationalities and through the partnerships with overseas schools and organisations.

The Françoise Morice school offers dynamic experience, high quality training and high opportunity employment. Advantages the school gives its’s graduates, that allow top careers in Beauty therapy.


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