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Our goals

Over 70 year of experience, expertise, creativity and energy.

The Françoise Morice products and techniques have reached a level of unparalleled excellence.

Respect is the highest valued deemed by Françoise Morice. Be it through Kinéplastie® which adapts itself to each individual for a personalised treatment or in the elaboration of the cosmetic products that include a maximum of natural products, some even being organically certified.

Created within the guidelines designed by Françoise Morice, the Françoise product range is based on three concepts :

  • The use of unique natural resources (floral waters, marine or naturally extracted plant extracts, vitamins and trace elements),
  • Combination action properties – in salons and at home, with concepts based on "essentials" and "specifics",
  • Constant research in the natural quality and effects of the products to accentuate beauty.

Our objective is to satisfy our trusted clientele and to keep developing our craft for many years to come harmoniously, and new projects always in the same objective, bringing beauty therapy and cosmetics closer to everyone’s expectation.


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