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Kinéplastie® is a visibly different and complete skin care treatment, thought out for your needs, to enhance or preserve your original beauty. It harmoniously combines applied motions and the application efficient cosmetic products for an immediate and durable effect.

Kinéplastie® step by step:

  • Gentle cleansing with the Lait Démaquillant, le Démaquillant Cils, la Lotion 46 Normale or Lotion 48 Spéciale, with the authentic aromas of orange blossom or rosewater.
  • Aroma vaporisation

Vaporisation of the warm Lotion 48 Spéciale, perfect for finishing the cleansing of your skin, it will smooth your skin and increase the effect of other treatments. Your skin is ready for your personalised skin care treatment.

  • Kinéplastie®, beauty care techniques in two steps :

The first step is the application of gentle vibrations in different areas. A specific machine giving gentle vibrations is necessary for this very particular step. Your designated will use this tool to give the desired treatment to your skin depending on the effect desired; suppleness, toning….. then the specific massaging motions specially devised from the techniques of physiotherapy. It acts on different levels of the skin, toning, smoothing, revitalizing the epidermis’ different functions. Your skin is revived.

  • A gentle exfoliating lotion

Gently exfoliating skin with Kératolyse, applied with cotton discs, skin is left soft and supple, your complexion is revived.

  •  A relaxing beauty sculpting massage

A true moment of relaxation, the application of the creamy Nova Derme® ou Crème de Modelage during the body sculpting massage, increases penetration of the active properties into the skin surface.

  • Customised warm mask

Your designated beauty therapist will customise the mask ingredients depending on the needs of your skin. The application of the mask will prolong and intensify relaxation from the sculpting massage. Associated with Eye Lotion on cotton discs applied to your eyes, relaxation will be complete.

Application of Lotion 48 or 46 will remove the mask, a sprayed application will give a final reviving result.

  • Rejeuvinating beauty

The application of a few drops of Jeunepiderme® followed by the application of a Françoise Morice cream adapted to your skin type will conclude the treatment.

The final results are remarkable. The skin is rejeuvenated, toned, more supple and hydrated. The daily use of Françoise Morice cosmetic products will prolong the effect of Kinéplastie® treatments.


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